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Mummy safe in Egypt, big Daddy receives jolt in US

The looting in Egypt by thugs in uniform did try to discredit the revolution, but the plan fell flat. Hosni Mubarak’s men tried to loot various places of importance but the quick-thinking JUNTA dislodged the evil plan.
The anti-government protesters formed a human wall around Cairo’s museum to protect invaluable artifacts. The protesters ended up victors when the authorities declared that all valuables in the museum were safe.
The Big Daddy however seems to thawing back home in the United States. The initial support for Mubarak and refusal to talk to Muslim Brotherhood is slowly losing momentum.
The strict secretary of state Hillary Clinton was heard changing her tone. From authoritative speeches it has now come down to humble requests read the full info here.
Clinton yesterday had long conversation with leaders in Cairo and agreed to meet

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