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Bahrain’s Formula of success

Two days ago Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone sighted Bahrain’s situation as “quiet and peaceful”.

Ecclestone’s comment comes across as naive, stupid celebrex medication. The situation in the Middle Eastern country is nowhere near peaceful.

Amidst the political and sporting chaos, comes a sigh of relief for the protestors seeking justice to their calls for reform.

The arrival of the Formula One troupe, has in fact shifted the focus back on the Bahrain situation.

Even after a year of protest, the issue had been sidelined by the ruling king. The Bahraini king may have been better off without any attention and could have managed to quash the revolt, just like last year.

Bruce country’s stubbornness in not calling off the race has in way helped the unnoticed protestors. Last year the world focus was taken off the people of Bahrain after the race was called off.

The entire controversy is once served – refreshed – in the minds of the people. I have seen people taking even more interest in the race than they would have otherwise taken.

This Formula One race has given new life to Bahrain’s revolting people. Thanks to Bernie and his Formula One.

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